Agricultural Mechanics Show has record year
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Mirror Photo / Mary Laschinger Kirby<br>
PROUD WINNERS of the Grand Championship Shop Project are, from left, Justin Vestal, Adam Walker, and Juan Lopez. They join buyer Shelby Thomas, Queen Paige Linder and President Ricky Holloway. Thomas Farm purchased the 20-foot lowboy gooseneck for $3,300.
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The Yamboree Agricultural Mechanics Show had a record year with 177 entries.

Grand Champion Project, 20’ Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer,Adam Walker, Justin Vestal and Juan Lopez, Gilmer FFA.

Reserve Champion Project, cherry picker/hoist, Brody Lewis, Ore City FFA.

Grand Champion Non-Sale Project, 18’ Utility Trailer, Adam Walker and Justin Vestal, Gilmer FFA.

Reserve Champion Non-Sale Project, Round bale feeder, Jackson McQueen, Gilmer FFA.

The following are the results of the 12 divisions of the show:

Farm, Home, and Yard Division:

1st, Gage and Combs, Big Sandy FFA. 2nd, Big Sandy FFA. 3rd, Strutton and Scott, Big Sandy FFA. 4th, Morgan Rockett, Big Sandy FFA. 5th, gage and Combs, Big Sandy FFA. 6th, Elmore, Myers, Sherman, Ore City FFA.

Woodwork Division

1st, Drake, Valentine, Hamilton, Azleway FFA. 2nd, Goen, Cameron, Webb, Ore City

FFA. 3rd, McGuire and Coleman, Ore City FFA. 4th, Abrego and Mathis, Ore City

FFA. 5th, Camp, Jordan, Stone, Ore City FFA. 6th, Katie Ellis, Ore City FFA.

Wildlife Division

1st, Don Cannon, Big Sandy FFA. 2nd, Devin Nutt, Harmony FFA. 3rd, Shawn Boyd, Ore City FFA. 4th, Hiles and Robertson, Ore City FFA. 5th, Don Cannon, Big Sandy FFA. 6th, Roberts, Brown, Gonzales, Azleway FFA.

Yard Table Division

1st, Desteanta Tatum, Ore City FFA. 2nd, Lopez and Gunby, Gilmer FFA. 3rd, Carter, Dixon, Williamson, Gilmer FFA. 4th, Kaley O’Conner, Harmony FFA. 5th, Young, Thompson, King, Gilmer FFA. 6th, Beckham and Rushing, New Diana FFA.

BBQ Pit Division

1st, Adam Walker, Gilmer FFA. 2nd, Howell, Cannon, Mullins, Santos, Big Sandy FFA. 3rd, Brady English FFA, Gilmer FFA. 4th, Cody Day, Union Grove FFA. 5th, Josh Hammond, Harmony FFA. 6th, Grayson Wright, Union Grove FFA.

Farm Machinery Division

1st, Adam Walker, Gilmer FFA. 2nd, Courtney Bingham, ore city FFA. 3rd, Trevor Pilcher, Harmony FFA. 4th, Cutter Tefteller, Harmony FFA. 5th, Trevor Pilcher, Harmony FFA. 6th, Trevor Pilcher, Harmony FFA.

Livestock Division

1st, Jackson McQueen, Glmer FFA. 2nd, Bodie Gray, Gilmer FFA. 3rd, Shaun Boyd, Ore City FFA. 4th, Madeline Oller, Gilmer FFA. 5th, Brady English, Gilmer FFA. 6th, Garrett Porras.

Shop Equipment Division

1st, Brody English, Ore City FFA. 2nd Bryce Stephens, Ore City FFA. 3rd, Juan Lopez, Gilmer FFA. 4th, Brady English, Gilmer FFA. 5th, Josh Reeves, Ore City FFA. 6th, Martin and Harrison, Ore City FFA.

Rebuilt Division

1st, Gilmer FFA. 2nd, Dalton James, Gilmer FFA.

Gate Division

1st, Vestal and Walker, Gilmer FFA. 2nd, Westmoreland and Pieratt, Gilmer FFA. 3rd, Adam Walker, Gilmer FFA. 4th, Harris and Ross, New Diana FFA. 5th, Ore City FFA. 6th, Reeves and Pieratt, Ore City FFA.

Bumper Trailers Division

1st, Walker and Vestal, Gilmer FFA. 2nd, Brody Lewis, Ore City FFA. 3rd, Justin Williams, Ore City FFA.

Gooseneck Trailer Division

1st, Walker, Vestal, Lopez, Gilmer FFA. 2nd, Cannon, Denton, Howell, Combs, Big Sandy FFA.

Champion Sweepstakes Gilmer FFA

Reserve Champion Sweepstakes, Ore City FFA.

Interview scholarship winner, Adam Walker, Gilmer FFA.

Interview finalist:

Justin Vestal, Gilmer FFA.

Jackson McQueen, Gilmer FFA.

Don Cannon, Big Sandy FFA.

Hunter Denton, Big Sandy FFA.

Madeline Oller, Gilmer FFA.

Brady English, Gilmer FFA.

Devin Nutt, Harmony FFA.

Juan Lopez, Gilmer FFA.

This year sponsors were Priefert Ranch Equipment, A&E Welding Supply, Tyler Steel, TDR Contractors, H&D Hardware, Matheson Welding Supply, Parker Trailers, Gas and Supply-Gilmer, McKelvey Enterprises, Satterwhite Log Homes.

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