League of Lions Professional Wrestling returns to Gilmer July 30
League of Lions Professional Wrestling returns to Gilmer Texas on Saturday, July 30, to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy association. This will be League of Lions second show in Gilmer and al...
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The Early Bird Catches the Worm

I can confirm that the early bird catches the worm. I see them do it. When I take my two mile walk at daybreak through the Piney Woods, birds sit perched above, looking intently for their breakfast...
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The View From Writers Roost
Don Reid gave me a big push down the good life trail  When you get to the major reminiscing time in your life, hopefully you’ll remember those who gave you a boost along that long, tough road.  And...
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Just because we forgive, do we have to forget?
I wish I could go off the grid for a while. It seems like every couple of hours or so I see something on the news or the internet that just irritates me to no end. I am usually a very lighthearted ...
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Bella - Pets Fur People Pet
Bella is a 1 year old Chihuahua mix that is available for adoption at the Humane Society’s Pets Fur People in Tyler.  She likes the companionship of other dogs and is friendly to everyone,  Bella  ...
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The Importance of Truth
The Importance of Truth Pastor Steve Ellison   Truth is important.  Jesus said in John 14 that He is the Truth.   Isaiah 65:16 proclaims God as “the God of truth”.  Psalm 119 repeatedly declares th...
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  AUSTIN  — The Texas Historical Commission (THC) announced grant recipients for Round IX of the nationally recognized Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program (THCPP) during its July 22 quar...
One Beautiful Day in Paradise
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  Few would deny that Southern California is usually as close to perfect in climate as can be found on mortal earth.  But there are those days when temperatures soar and relief is sought and usuall...
Summer means ‘slump’ for blood donation
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The Kilgore Rotary Club and Pilgrim Lutheran Church to host blood drive and save lives KILGORE, Texas (July 21, 2016) – Summer is in full swing. It is a great time for barbeque with friends and fam...
Darrin Morris Band to Open for Aaron Watson at The Great Texas Balloon Race!
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The very talented Darrin Morris Band is set to open for none other than country traditionalist Aaron Watson at the 38th annual Great Texas Balloon Race in beautiful Longview Texas. Longview has the...
Video: Congestive Heart Failure: More Common & More Serious Than You Think - Dr. Sam Daya
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Congestive heart failure affects one in five people and one in nine will die from it. It's the condition that took the life of Nancy Reagan. In this post to HealthConnection.TV, UT Health Northeast...
Don’t Talk about it. Be about it.
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  I refuse to engage in conversation about what is going on with the black community and law enforcement. I figured if I can’t have a civil conversation with my husband, I probably should not attem...
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European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker gestures as he waits for his car at the end of the second day of the EU Summit in Brussels, BelgiumBritain will need months of preparation before Brexit talks can start, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Monday, chiding the government in London for not preparing better for the possibility of a 'Leave' vote. Juncker, who also confirmed Britain would lose unrestricted access to the internal European Union market if it did not accept free movement of workers, said his preference would have been for Brexit talks to start as soon as possible. The British government needs several months to fine-tune its position," Juncker told France 2 television.

2016-07-25 02:53:56 -0500

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrives at a meeting at the sidelines of the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting in VientianeBy Michael Martina and Manuel Mogato VIENTIANE (Reuters) - Southeast Asian nations overcame days of deadlock on Monday when the Philippines dropped a request for their joint statement to mention a landmark legal ruling on the South China Sea, officials said, after objections from Cambodia. China publicly thanked Cambodia for supporting its stance on maritime disputes, a position which threw the regional block's weekend meeting in the Laos capital of Vientiane into disarray. Competing claims with China in the vital shipping lane are among the most contentious issues for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with its 10 members pulled between their desire to assert their sovereignty while finding common ground and fostering ties with Beijing.

2016-07-25 02:53:37 -0500