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The truth of God; that is what is important! Many people in our modern culture tihnk that being tolerant and inoffensive is important. For the Christian, however, being so is a denial of the very faith they profess to hold. The truth of God must be spoken, in love to be sure, but spoken. Reprove, rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine.
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Charles (chbaca) Carter
65 years old, male, married

home Big Sandy, TX
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God has blessed me with the gift of teaching.
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A Jesuit Pope
March 14, 2013

With the election of this new Pope we see a ‘worst possible case’ scenario. Not only has yet another man fallen victim to the antichrist Roman system of deceit but that man is a Jesuit to boot. Why is this a problem? The Jesuits are an order within the RCC that have a single purpose; to fight against and nullify the effects of the Protestant reformation. This means that they are hostile to any denomination other than the RCC. In fact they are constantly active, as agents of Rome, to undermine…

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