Texas Champions!
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I'm Texan born and bred. When a Texas team wins it all, I'm a happy man. Texas professional sports teams have done pretty well over the past several decades.  

In the NBA, Texas teams in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio have won the championship eight of the past twenty-four NBA world titles.  That's one out of every three championships out of the past twenty-four that has brought the title to Texas. Considering the fact that Texas has only three of the thirty NBA teams, or ten percent of the teams, we have won those championships at a far better rate than the law of averages would have suggested.   Yes, in the NBA, the three Texas teams have stood tall.

In the NFL, Texas has not done as well.  The Dallas Cowboys have long been the favorite NFL team of most Texans.  They honored us with their first NFL Superbowl win back in January of 1972, and it was a glorious moment.  My dad died a few months before that win, leading me to yell "this one's for you, Daddy!"  In the past fifty years, the Cowboys have represented Texas in the NFL playoffs thirty-two times.  Five times the Cowboys have been World Champions.  

Although the Cowboys have not won the championship since 1995, they have won six Division titles from 1996 through 2016.  Meanwhile, down in Houston, the Texans have replaced the Oilers as the petroleum city's bridesmaid, but never the bride, in football's championship chase.  The Houston Oilers won the AFL's championship back in 1960 and 1961, the first years of such titles. From then until their departure from Houston, the Oilers were the living essence of "all hat and no cattle," as their owner never did come through when fans needed it.

The Houston Texans may do some good. They've had fifteen years and made five playoff appearances in the past few years. There's hope yet the Texans will win a title.

In Major League Baseball, it's been a long, long drought, going back over fifty years without a title for either the Texas Rangers or the Houston Astros.  That drought finally came to an end on November 1, 2017, when the Astros won it all in game seven of the 2017 World Series.  Fifty five years in the making, that title finally brought Texas honor in baseball.  Now, all that remains is for the Texas Rangers to win one.  Twice in the past eight years the Rangers have made it to the World Series.  It's only a matter of time until the Rangers bring home a World Series win to Texas.

Here's looking forward to seeing the Texas Rangers and the Houston Texans bringing a world title to Texas in their franchise names!  Until then, let's appreciate the pro teams which have already brought us championships!

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